Wednesday, June 1, 2011 ........NEW US Based Passive Income Opportunity!!!

eAdGear is an amazing PASSIVE INCOME OPPORTUNITY. You can easily earn passive income here as well as active income (if you wish to refer people). This is a real business supported with real income from a real business that the Company is doing.


The Company has adopted a "Daily Profit Sharing Model". The "Daily" Revenue of the Company is shared with its Members with 30% towards Surfing Bonus for Surfing 30 sites (passive income) and 40% going towards Referral Commissions. The Company retains remaining 30% to meet its costs, profits and developing new projects like (Seach Engine) and (Bidding Portal) and (Shopping Portal). This makes the business model of the Company sustainable and even if you are totally passive, you can get surfing income for a very very long term and DO NOT forget that you are about to join this amazing business opportunity at its very beginning!!!!!

Please note that in order to earn surfing income, NO referrals are required. You can earn passive income even if you are COMPLETELY passive. The only requirement to earn the passive income is to log in to your account and surf atleast 30 sites daily. I have joined with the package of $2050 and I am earning an income of $16 to $18 daily only for surfing 30 sites that means approx $500 a month!!! Whats more, I am reinvesting 50% of my daily earnings to increase my daily return. This would help my earnings go up and up. 

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Let us see what you get from eAdGear!

  • You join the Company and buy a Package
  • You get ePoints based on the package you choose to join with. The Company has packages starting with $350 to $6000. Higher the cost of package you choose, higher will be the ePoints that you get
  • If you join with a package of $350, you will get 700 ePoints. If you join with a package of $2050, you get 4400 ePoints. Higher the ePoints you have, higher will be your share in the daily distribution 
  • The Company shares 30% of its daily revenue amongst all the members on a daily basis!
  • To qualify for daily revenue share one has to surf 30 sites daily (takes 6 to 7 minutes only)
  • The earning is distributed amongst the members in the proportion of ePoints they have
  • To make your ePoints increase on a daily basis (to have a higher share in the daily distribution), it is necessary (and mandatory as per regulations of the Company) that you increase your ePoints by reinvesting atleast 50% of the daily revenue share earned by you

Let me give you my own example

I have started with the package of $2050. I got 4400 ePoints. I am surfing 30 sites daily and earning a revenue between $ 16 to $18. I am reinvesting 50% ($8) of the same to ensure my ePoints increase. I am withdrawing the remaining 50% ($8). That is giving me a return of $240 monthly ($8 x 30 days) on my investment of $2050. This amount should keep on increasing due to my daily reinvestment in ePoints  

(II) Referral Income :  
  • The Company also pays you referral income based on the level at which you are. For example, if you join as a Consultant with $300 Package and you refer a person who joins with $2000 package, you get 10% i.e., $200 as referral commission. Whereas if you join as an Executive Director with $2000 and refer another who joins with $ 6000, you get 15% i.e., $900 as direct referral commission!!!
  • You also get commissions on your referrals' referrals till 6 levels deep if you are a Consultant and 8 levels deep if you are an Executive. Given below is the table that explains the level and percentage of referral commissions 
  • You also get Commission on the Monthly Fees paid by your referrals and their referrals

(III) eCredits : You get 60 eCredits for surfing 30 sites every day. Similarly, if you surf 100 sites, you will get 200 eCredits. You can use these credits to get hits for your site. On a particular day you can surf maximum 300 sites and earn maximum 600 eCredits

(IV) eRewards : You get 30 eRewards for surfing 30 sites every day. These accumulated eRewards can later be redeemed at Amazon

  • Every day profit sharing is done at the end of the day, and minimum of 30% is automatically reinvested and your ePoints keep growing. You can set the reinvestment to 50% or 100% as you like. More the ePoints more the earnings. In order to earn profit sharing for that day, one must surf 30 sites, these are partners' site which helps them reach higher ranks in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Reinvestment / Repurchase commission:  Whenever your direct or downline makes his repurchase every day which happens automatically from his daily surfing income, you get certain % age based on your rank. It starts from minimum 10% of your direct and you also get paid on the repurchase made by your referrals' referrals

As we speak, we can use credit card/bank wire to upgrade and paid via Bank Wire. The Company is working at integrating "AlertPay" to the site as another payment option

You can see the detailed Compensation Plan of eAdGear here!

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  1. Please note that eAdGear is a BBB accredited business

    Eadgear, Inc. has been a BBB Accredited business since May 2011. This means it supports BBB's services to the public and meets their BBB Accreditation standards.

    BBB Rating for Eadgear, Inc.
    Based on BBB files, Eadgear, Inc. has a BBB Rating of A- on a scale from A+ to F signifying secong highest possible rating

  2. June Promotion Plan Offered by eAdGear Management!!!!!!

    "All members (who joined between June 1st and June 30th with 2000 USD package or over) within 60 days with accumulated 10,000 USD referrals will have additional 500.00 USD incentive bonus.

    Eadgear Management Team"

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